I'm Manu,
software developer

I am currently working at Quanos, where my main focus revolves around .NET.

Outside my professional commitments, I invest my spare time and academic pursuits primarily into web development.

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What I Do

  • .NET


    C#, WinForms

    For over five years now, I have been consistently working with the .NET Framework in a professional setting on a weekly basis.
    My main focus centers on C# and Windows Forms as the GUI library, with a specific emphasis on utilizing DevExpress Controls.

  • Fullstack

    Fullstack Web

    Typescript, React, node.js

    From humble beginnings in frontend projects, I've now expanded my expertise to crafting fullstack web applications.
    I like harnessing the capabilities of UI frameworks such as React, Vue or Svelte, while seamlessly connecting with the backend through the utilization of Socket.IO and APIs.

My Projects

  • Gyrosensor Game

    Gyrosensor Game

    Physics Simulation, MQTT, Sass

    supported on mobile devices
    View Project
  • Corona Vaccination Interactive Map

    Corona Vaccination
    Interactive Map

    Data Analysis, Python, p5.js

    supported on computer
    View Project
  • Hot Wire Game

    Hot Wire Game

    3D Modeling, Microcontroller, C++

    View Repository

How I Got Here



My journey in development began during my 12th-grade year when a few friends and I established a custom-built Minecraft server.
It was during this time that I had my first encounter with programming, and I instantly fell in love with this newfound hobby, planting the seed of an idea in my mind to turn this into my profession.


In order to gain theoretical as well as practical experience, I chose to pursue an apprenticeship as an IT specialist. During this period, I was introduced to the professional world of programming, specifically in .NET. After completing an accelerated training program of just over one year, I successfully passed the final exam and completed the concluding project with top honors.


I wanted to enhance my basic knowledge by pursuing a bachelor's degree in software engineering. This path has been incredibly rewarding both personally and professionally.
I have expanded my knowledge in various areas and strengthened my practical skills through the implementation of numerous projects. Furthermore, I have seized several opportunities to lead groups of up to ten members as a project manager.

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